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photographer & graphic designer

I love what I
do. Simple as that.

Hey there! I’m so thrilled you’re here –because we must be alike, you and I. Both trying to make a living out of something what we love to do. In comes the dreaded concept of “self-promotion” so let’s make it easier on both of us and get to it. I am a graphic designer, creative director and photographer. I know that you probably want to look at my work right about now, and that’s cool –but sit tight; let’s break the ice, babe. I’m Marta, and I love what I do. The #1 lesson my dad taught me was to find a way, any way, to become my own boss – because when you are your own boss you are free to fly, with no one to tell you how high. That stuck in my head since I was little and it is something that is still very much present in my life. “ As long as you find something to do that you love, everything else falls into place.” I stand here gladly saying(or writing) I am doing both: I’ve created a job that I am genuinely excited for when I wake up every morning and am my own boss. I am the girl to take on your adventures – whether you have a crazy idea and want it to come to life or you want to make everyone’s life sweet and simple, either way I will help you connect with your audience while bringing concepts to life. Whenever I’m not designing, gathering inspiration or taking pictures you’ll find me traveling, going out for a walk, spending time with my family, in the quest for new books...

the process



I get inspired when traveling and listening music. I dive into Pinterest or tumblr for references. My favorite pictures will always be ones with stories behind them.


point of view

When I shoot I focus on making elements unique.



My fav part! I tweak colors in order to get a certain look and feel.



In the end, what I truly want is for the viewer to get moved by the image, with whatever emotion that may be.